About me


Hello my name is ucok sinaga

When i was a young boy living in north sumatra i once came across a newspaper cutting of two men in the jungle carrying a deer. Writen above was the words ANCIENT ISLAND TRIBE. I had no idea where it was but it fascinated me. At that time i was still in school and as young boys do i would day dream about going on an adventure to find the island tribe and go hunting in the jungle. one day after I finished school I left north sumatra and went to work in padang, west sumatra. .  finally i learned of an island 100 km west of padang where an ancient tribe lived and then i saw able to follow me dream and visit the mentawaiI ,i was so happy.

Before I was a tour guide to the mentawai i worked at the mentawai foundation (ycm) for 2 years . I learned a lot about the customs of the mentawai tribe and studied there language. the mentawai language is very different from Indonesian. 

By 1997 my name was published in Stefan loose travel as a guide in the mentawai.

I have now had many years of experience in the jungle with these beautiful calm and friendly people.


I have the practical experience to help you immerse your self into the world of the mentawai tribe and to experience a way of life that very few people still live today.

Whatsapp me below and we can organize a mentawai trip for you.